Painter For a Day

"Painter for a day" is our convenient program that provides Spokane home and business owners with a professional painter for up to an 8-hour day. This program is a great way to take care of any miscellaneous painting projects or repair and touch-up that you might need. Our clients love this service for the smaller jobs and high traffic areas that simply need a little help. It's also great for when your buying or selling a home.

"Painter For A Day" $495.00

  • Includes up to 8 man hours of work at customer's home or site. and may include 2 painters for a half day.
  • Includes sundry items and materials necessary for repair and preparation of areas to be painted. Tape, masking and drops included.
  • Excludes all finish coat paint products. Paint is to be supplied by the customer or may be provided at an additional charge.
  • All work performed at customer's direction.
  • *Work over 8 hours to be billed at $55.00/hour + materials.
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