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Spokane Painting Pros is quickly becoming a leading painting contractor in Spokane Area. We seek qualified, highly motivated painters to join our team and help us become Spokane’s number one painting contractor. We are a young company with room for qualified painters that are looking to be in on the ground floor of successful company. This is your opportunity to have more than just a job. Are you ready? Please fill out the application completely … Complete applications show us something and might just determine the pay we offer you!



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If you have a valid driver's license a copy will be required prior to employment.

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Conviction Information

Conviction Information A conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor where disposition was a conviction, a plea of no lo contendere (no contest), or first offender treatment?

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Painting Experience

Have you ever painted industrial projects before?

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Drugs And Alcohol Agreement

I understand and agree that I may be required to take one or more: Physical Examination(s): Urine test(s) for drugs and alcohol, as a condition of hiring or continued employment. I agree to consent to take such test(s) at such time as designated by the company and to release the company, its directors, officers, agents or employees from any claim arising in connection with the use of test(s).

I fully understand and agree

Injury Reporting Agreement

I understand and agree that if i am injured while at work, I must report it immediately to my supervisor for proper first aid or medical care and before I receive any treatment. It is my responsibility to make sure a company accident report is filled out by my supervisor and signed by me the day of injury.

I fully understand and agree

Applicant's Certification Agreement

This application is not an employment contract but merely is intended to evaluate suitability for employment. It is the policy of the company to provide equal employment to all qualified persons without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state or federal law.

1. I authorize the investigation of all statements contained in this application and release from all liability any persons or employers supplying such information, and I also release the company from all liability that might result from making the investigation.

2. I certify that the facts and information set forth in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification, misrepresentation, or omission of facts on this application (or on any required documents) will be cause for denial of employment or immediate termination of employment, regardless of when or how discovered.

3. I agree, if I am offered and accept a position, to conform to all existing and future Company rules and regulations and I understand that the Company reserves the right to change wages, hours and working conditions as deemed necessary. I ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT, IF HIRED, MY EMPLOYMENT WILL BE AT-WILL, MEANING THAT EITHER PARTY CAN END THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP AT ANY TIME AND FOR ANY OR NO REASON.

4. I understand that any employment offer is contingent upon my providing, within three (3) working days of employment, valid proof of identity and eligibility to work in order to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

5. I have read and reviewed the information provided in this application and the above statements. By signing this application for employment I certify that I understand all parts of it and have answered all questions completely and fully.

6. I understand that by typing my name in the signature box below and submitting this application electronically, this becomes a legal and binding contract.

Voluntary Request for Information

The following voluntary information is used to conduct background investigations prior to a employment offer. This information will not be maintained with your application nor will it be used in making the hiring decision.

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